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Localisation Beyond Words

Hey, I’ve got a quest for you. How should I localise my game for a global victory lap? Do I need a linguistic sword, or can you sprinkle some localisation magic? Let’s turn my game into a worldwide epic! 🌐🎮 #LocalisationQuestAccepted

At Localise My Game, we don’t just localise games; we embark on epic quests to ensure your masterpiece speaks every language of the gaming realm. Our quest is simple: to make game localisation an adventure, not a chore. We’re much more than translators; we’re the sidekicks who ensure your game’s jokes land, quests resonate, and power-ups pack the same punch in every corner of the world. In a gaming universe filled with language barriers, we’re the warp pipe that connects your game to a global audience, turning players into fans, one perfectly localised pixel at a time.

What sets us apart in the sprawling landscape of game localisation? Imagine your game being translated by fellow gamers, not just linguists. At Localise My Game, every translator is a highly-qualified native speaker with a gamer’s heart and a linguistic mind. They don’t just speak the language; they speak the language of gaming. It’s not just about knowing the words; it’s about understanding the culture, the humour, and the essence of each pixel. And we don’t stop there. Our project manager isn’t a middleman; they’re a fellow player and translator, experienced and specialised in game dynamics. They’re not just involved; they’re immersed, ensuring your game’s journey through localisation is seamless and pixel-perfect. We’re not just translating; we’re gaming linguists, and we’re levelling up your game’s global domination.

Beyond Translation

Why Choose Us?

Because at Localise my Game, we’re not your average NPC localisation service; we’re the knights of localisation, wielding our linguistic swords to ensure your game isn’t just understood globally but celebrated in every gaming realm.

Unlike other companies, we’re not just gamers; we’re gaming linguists who understand that every line of code, every bit of banter, and every pun matters. Silvia Ferrero, our founder and the Gandalf of game translation, has been on this quest since 2003, battling the language demons both in-house and as a freelance hero. With her at the helm on translation and project management duties, your game is in the hands of a seasoned translation wizard who knows the difference between a critical hit and a translation hiccup.

Pixel-Perfect Prowess: Masterful Localisation, Not Just Translation!

Experience game localisation crafted by linguistic artisans who understand the subtle art of wordplay, cultural nuances, and pixel-perfect precision. We don’t just translate; we breathe life into your game’s dialogue, ensuring it resonates with players worldwide.

Gamer-First Approach: We Speak Player!

At Localise My Game, we aren’t just translators, we are gamers with a linguistic flair. Every member of our elite squad is a native speaker armed with specialist knowledge of games, ensuring your project isn’t just translated but localised with the finesse of a seasoned player. From quest dialogues to in-game banter, we speak the language of victory!

Cultural Immersion Boost

We don’t just understand languages; we understand cultures. Your game becomes a global citizen, resonating with players on a personal level, no matter where they wield their controllers.

Sublime Submission Support

Navigating submission requirements can feel like a dungeon crawl, but fear not! With us, it’s a breeze. We provide expert guidance, ensuring your game sails through submission with ease, turning what could be a boss fight into a seamless global quest.

Indie-Friendly Magic Potion

Indie developers, fear not! We understand the challenges of the indie realm, and our services are tailored to fit your budget and needs. Localise My Game is your ally on the indie quest, ensuring your game gets the top-tier localisation treatment without breaking your pixel piggy bank.

Marketing Mana Included

We don’t just stop at translation; we sprinkle some marketing mana on your game too! Localise My Game provides additional marketing services to boost your game’s visibility and ensure it stands out in the crowded gaming galaxy. Let’s level up your game’s market presence together!

Worry-Free Worldbuilding: Adaptive Localisation Magic

Life in the gaming realm is unpredictable, and so is game development. Localise My Game adapts its services to the unique needs of your project, catering for unexpected twists and turns. Our worry-free localisation ensures that your project not only meets its deadlines but emerges victorious in the face of unexpected challenges. It’s not just about finishing on time; it’s about conquering every level, side quest, and hidden Easter egg in your game development journey!